Sharing images on the internet is not only common place it’s expected. As such this page provides information on what you can and cannot do with any and all artwork that appears on

What is allowed:

  1. Sharing artwork on social media sites, ie: Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter, etc.
  2. Sharing artwork via email.
  3. When sharing artwork the copyright information and URL may not be removed from the artwork.
  4. Where possible a source link should be provided in the share.

What is NOT allowed:

  1. As stated above the copyright information and URL may not be removed when sharing online.
  2. The artwork may not be posted on a website with the express intention to incur revenue. For example: a website hotlinking various comics while also running banner ads, etc, in the hopes of earning revenue from said comics.
  3. Printing and or paper publishing e-publishing the artwork on in the form of books, magazines, or periodicals.
  4. Artwork shall not be represented to be by any one other than Michael Fleming.

Share away!